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Reinforced by our great offer of services, we implement your management strategy and create value for your business and YOU. From our headquarters in Vienna and other companies in Germany, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Switzerland and France, BOC Group operates all over the world.

Thrilled to be a strategic partner of trust ARYA Digital to complement its powerful business solutions. This alliance provides the market with a solution of great strategic value and business, driving the processes and the architecture business thanks to the software modeling business, global BOC Group (ADONIS, ADOIT and ADOGRC) and specialized consulting services of Arya Consulting.

Products of boc group

ADONIS is its nerve centre of BPM. Modele large processes with BPMN. Collaborate with colleagues. Analyses without limits. A tool. Endless possibilities.

Enjoy ADOIT to manage your EA. Validate new business models. Grow your capabilities. Manage portfolios. And empower decentralized teams.

ADOGRC allow you to keep your risk under control. Manage and assess their portfolios. Executions of document control. Be prepared for the audit at all times. 

We strongly recommend these products to business management

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  • Strategic management and operational business processes.
  • BPMN 2.0, "BPMN suitable for the business."
  • Panorama of Processes
  • Alignment of IT and Business, ITIL.
  • Governance, risk and compliance.
  • Analysis and Optimization.
  • Architecture Business.
  • TOGAF (The Open Group).
  • Management of business capabilities.
  • Management, Business Architecture, Technology and Services.
  • Planning, data collection and governance.
  • Evaluation.
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  • Risk management and Compliance.

  • Capture and evaluate risks.

  • Lead, review and carry out checks.

  • Analyze and evaluate.

  • Automate workflows.

  • Integration with BPM and AE.

With a community of more than 90 thousand users and more than a thousand customers worldwide.

If you are interested in purchasing one or more products of BOC – Group you can get in touch with us.